Week 37 of the PBP.

Welp, I’m caught up through August! I feel like I actually may be able to make it all the way to Z. I’ve definitely entered the space of “good enough” with regards to this project. I’m trying to cut myself a little slack due to various upheavals since July, and I think it’s going to be ok.

So, back to the plants! The entry is for the rose, probably my favorite flower to grow. The colors and odors range across the visual and olfactory spectra, with new varieties being bred all the time. Roses can be old fashioned or timeless, prissy or wild. There’s a rose for every mood. My nana loved yellow roses; my mother loves pink; my favorite is flaming orange.

The epitome of beauty, I associate roses with Venus and Fire. While love spells first come to mind as a magical use for this plant, I’ve found her to be helpful with protective wards and purification waters. There are probably as many different kinds of magic for roses are there are varieties. Gentleness and strength are also the qualities of the rose, and being gentle with oneself is one of the first ways to becoming strong and supple rather than hard and brittle.

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