X (in botanical names)

Week 48 of the PBP.

Genus x species. Or, xGenus species. This is something that most folks interested in plants will run across at some point, and more than once I’ve thought that a similar naming practice could be adopted by various Neopagan traditions to show their lineage.

Basically, “x” (which is technically a multiplication sign instead of a lowercase x), is used to show a hybrid. The most common hybrids are between species of the same genus (like someone who has training in both Gardnerian and Alexandrian witchcraft), and this is when the genus x species nomenclature is used.

However, when two different genera are crossed (like a BTW line and an Kemetic line), then we get some really creative happenings! Usually the names of the progenitors are combined into a new genus name, preceded by the x.

Maybe if all we pagans and polytheists had a codified naming system, we’d have fewer online arguments!

–Catriona McDonald (xOBODSorceress ovate)

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