Make Like a Crane

Happy Vernal Equinox! I think I heard the first “official” spring peeper this morning. However, being one of those snow-lovers, it’s been bitter-sweet to watch the glaciers recede in parking lots and on lawns. Their retreat leaves behind all manner of debris, a miniature echo of the glacial processes of the last ice ages. The archaeologist in me wonders what the current glacial retreat will reveal–probably not the plastic shovels and swords of the early 21st century, but maybe still something interesting.

Since I’m traveling, I won’t be dyeing eggs like I had planned (that’ll be next week), but I will be outside, standing on one foot with one arm behind my back and one eye closed, in balance at the moment of balance.

Blessed Ostara!

4 thoughts on “Make Like a Crane

  1. Ahh, I love Sandhill Cranes. Here on the Platte River in Nebraska, at the heart of the Central Flyway, they are absolutely the quintessential sign of spring. They start arriving around Valentine’s Day, peak around St. Patrick’s Day, and hightail it north by Tax Day. Literally half a million of ’em visit us during that time period, primarily along a 60-mile stretch of river. I was born in this area, near the peak. I am pretty sure a crane brought me, instead of a stork. 😉

    Happy balancing, now and throughout all the cycles of the seasons.


    1. Wow, that must be such an amazing sight! Over here in New England, our Giant Leggy Waterbirds are herons instead of cranes. The funny thing is herons nest in trees–it’s quite a sight when the avian equivalent of a B-52 lands in the top of a dead tree and constructs a nest!

      Enjoy your crane season. 🙂


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