30 DoA #7: Names and Epithets

The Franks Casket


7. Names and epithets. 



The Smith
The Blacksmith
The Master Smith
The Fairy Smith
Master of Elves
Greatest of Elves
Storm Watcher



The Maker
The Mender
Son of Ivaldi and Volund-Rognir-Thjazi (not sure I buy this, as Rydberg is problematic to say the least, but it would explain a Loki-link very neatly. It would also explain my pull to both Idunna/Eostre and Skadhi, which makes me wary–too good to be true!)

2 thoughts on “30 DoA #7: Names and Epithets

  1. I had never heard of Wayland being referred to as a Fairy Smith before, although he appears in my Fairy Ring deck, and from my intuitions about him does seem to have a distinctive faerie presence of his own. The Fairy Smith who works iron… I think there’s something in that to be explored.


    1. The Fairy Smith designation is fairly late, I believe, possibly Victorian (always problematic!), but I placed it in the “historical” grouping since it’s in the same vein as his elfin epithets.

      If you’ve never read it, “Spindle’s End” by Robin McKinley has a fairy smith. It’s a wonderfully written twist on Sleeping Beauty–which I’m hoping will get some more love due to the current Maleficent crazy.


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