30 DoA #24: Help!

24. A time when this deity has helped you.  I’m happy to say my health has increased from “walking dead” to “mostly conscious zombie.” Fevers are not conducive to productive blogging, I’ve discovered.

Anyway, this topic can be summed up by the following picture:

Hyperbole and a Half’s infamous Alot.

Wayland has helped me A LOT, not only in my creative pursuits, but with regard to parts of my own healing. Most of the time I don’t seek his aid or advice. He tends to whisper it unbidden, so quietly that I almost miss it. Following his wisdom has led to some interesting projects, and expansion of my skills that I wouldn’t have imagined possible.

I guess the most dramatic demonstration of this came while I was working on a particularly difficult piece of stained glass. He said,

“These broken bits of glass are stronger than a pure sheet can ever be. Stretch the solder across the seam, shape it until it runs a perfect, unbroken line between the shards. That soldering, that connection between each broken piece, that is what healing is.”

So, yeah, like I said. A lot.

3 thoughts on “30 DoA #24: Help!

  1. ‘That soldering, that connection between each broken piece, that is what healing is’ – I do like this insight, and the way that art is seen as a means of healing. Do you see this as applying to yourself, the world, or both?


    1. While the original experience was precipitated by my own healing process, I think that it can also be applied to the world at large. At their best, that’s what the visual and performing arts do, bring people together to consider something outside their own realms of experience. That bringing together is its own type of healing, I think.

      I seem to remember a factoid that ancient Greek physicians would prescribe different plays for different ailments. What could be a more powerful statement of the link between art and healing?


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