Meditation Mondays

13469254874_db691d5bb0Two neat things happened this past week. Firstly, I’ve meditate for 50 days since I first started keeping track.  Secondly, I managed to meditate every day for ten days straight, even if it was only for three minutes while my tea was steeping.  I don’t know why I should feel so proud about that, but I do.  And I now have a 45% success rate of meditating every day.  I can’t wait to get it even higher!

Looking back over my meditation journal entries, three of my sessions were in Child’s Pose, which I’ve begun extending to 15 minutes at a stretch (from nine last week).  This has done my lumbar spine so much good, I can’t even begin to tell you the difference.  I also did one 15 minute session while walking, focusing on 8 breaths in, 8 breaths out. The combination of movement and counting was very effective.

The other three sessions were all tea meditations. Red seems to have been the color of the week, closely followed by gold and/or yellow.  One day was green for growth, but mainly I felt I needed drive support with getting the Boy to school and figuring out my own new schedule.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that writing has been so much easier this past week.  I’ve been inspired by several things out in the garden, or in talking with my neighbors; instead of pushing the ideas aside, I’ve jotted them down for later.  The result is that I now have a small cache of seed thoughts to write from for the blog. I’ve been able to do some catching up with my outstanding projects.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love the Artist’s Way.  I feel like meditation has been creating the space I need to do things like Morning Pages again.  I love this, and want to foster this habit anew–I had let it slide after my divorce because there was just so much pain pouring out every day, that I felt it was exacerbating rather than purging.  Having done the Ovate Rite of Liberation in May, I feel like I’m finally ready to open up those gates again.

4 thoughts on “Meditation Mondays

  1. I’m not gonna lie, I would love to see you update more often, I’ve missed your more in-depth writings. I understand life being life and how writing about stuff can be problematic when you’re having a hard time, but I’m glad that time seems to be passing onto better things. ❤

    I keep playing with the idea to start The Artist's Way but that'll probably have to wait till after I move.


    1. Working on the updating more often thing. Really. 😉

      I think you’d like the core of the Artist’s Way, but will likely tinker with it as is your wont. (‘Cause cooks and ritualists just can’t leave well enough alone!) But post-tinkering, you should find it quite enjoyable.


  2. I wouldn’t be able to get through the day without doing a meditation or journeying and a piece of draft writing based on it early morning. For me putting time aside for spirit and creativity is essential for staying (reasonably) sane!


    1. All hail sanity! Or, well, at least what passes for it. 🙂

      Yes, I find that I’m much more even-keeled if I take the time to process in the morning. I usually end up doing so through meditation, though as I mentioned in the article, I want to be doing more writing as well.


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