Meditation Mondays

Brewer Brook in high autumn.
Brewer Brook in high autumn.

The guaranteed way to encourage your Indian delivery’s arrival for lunch? Sit down to meditate.

Meditation stats for last week:

  • Meditated every single. frickin’. day. Go me!
  • Broke my record of 80 minutes in a week.
  • October is by far the best month I’ve had for meditation since I started keeping track in May.
  • Now up to 48% of days with at least one session.
  • Average session time 9.9 mins (so close to the 10 minute goal!).

Qualitative observations

  • Not much done with colorwork/tea charging.
  • One round of walking meditation.
  • Using 5 minute session for LBE and elemental cleansings
  • Experimented with some lucid dreaming during the longer 20 minute session. Not earth shattering, but pretty useful practice.

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