Meditation Mondays

14385686360_c09f93ee21_nWelp, even though I haven’t been posting as much on meditation, I’ve certainly been doing it!  In fact, since I last posted on October 27th, I’ve only missed three days. Not too shabby.

Meditation stats for the last 21 days:

  • Broke my record of 100 minutes in a week by doing 120 minutes.
  • October finally clocked in around 300 minutes.
  • Had a bit of a crash the week of the 27th, but with Samhuinn etc. happening, I’m not that surprised–plus I didn’t include meditation within ritual, of which there was quit a lot.
  • Now up to 53% of days with at least one session!  Wonder if I can make it to 60%…?
  • Average session time 10.2 mins–which means I met my 10 minutes average goal!

Qualitative observations

  • This past week has seen more dozing than successful meditating, but the previous two weeks were stellar.
  • Pretty good at keeping breath focus.
  • Lots of moving/crafting meditation, especially walking and knitting.

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