Creeping Tendrils in the Mind

15901326063_22481140d5It’s that time of year.  The time when the fog of depression begins to creep out of the snow and wrap itself around the winter-weary.  Things will be better by May Day, but purgatorial Equinox still looms distantly.  Despite being magically inclined, it’s not a tool that I’ve ever wielded against depression until a few weeks ago.  I don’t know why it’s taken me so long.  Maybe pride, maybe denial, that false optimism of I-can-beat-this-on-my-own.  I’m “fortunate” in the sense that my melancholy comes and goes, but getting it to disperse in the winter can be a monumental effort.  Of course the little spell pouch helped–not a panacea by any means, but it did make a difference.

I tossed this spell together with minimal fuss and little regard for astrological timing–probably it would be best done on a new moon or failing that on a Sunday in the Hour of the Sun or Moon.  There was no formal incantation, but I performed extemporaneous prayer to Brigantia as I assembled the components.  The pouch was nearly worn through in places, but it released the scent of the herbs nicely, serving as a tangible reminder to be kind to myself and breathe deeply.

Pouch to Ease a Melancholy Mind

Tansy–against depression
Lepidolite–balance, calm
Quartz–clarity, power boost
Rose quartz–self love
Pentacle charm–protection
Sigil (this one is personalized for me, you should probably make your own)
Pouch colored lavender or white

Please note that the following accompanying behavioral changes will enhance the effectiveness of this working: getting my ass outside for exercise (yes, even in winter), more leafy greens and fruit, journaling, and seeking out neighbors and friends for social stimulation.

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