Conversations with a Water Wight



This pond…

What about it?

There’s no fish.

Well, that’s because it’s not actually supposed to be full of water.  It’s supposed to drain, but there’s too much silt in the soil to let the water escape.

… I can’t fish here.

Fine. We’ll head down to the brook next time.


I’m sorry your statue got broken.  I shouldn’t have left you with my ex.

You thought I needed to be near the stream where you first met me. Wrong thinking, but kindhearted.

Still, I’m sorry.  I liked that statue.

Me too. Make another.

Really? Are you sure?

Yes. Take two pebbles this time, one for my head, and one for my heart.

Not three?

No. Did I say three?


Is this part of the brook better than the pond? It’s much like where we first met, where the water rushes out from under the dam.

Yes, much. [pulls out fishing pole]

I’ve missed you.

Yes. Your heart needs water. It’s dried out, beginning to crack.

I know. It hurt too much.

Just give it little sips for now.  That will help.

I didn’t think you’d be able to find me here.

I am present wherever a stream breaks free of man’s fetters.

That…explains a lot.

It’s good to be back here. I like the fish.

You know there aren’t any fish on this side of the dam?

Close enough.

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