Wheels are in motion

It’s official. Plane tickets are purchased. Museum pass acquired.

In January, I’m headed to the British Museum for the Celts: Art and Identity exhibit.

The last time I set foot on the Isle of the Blessed was 2002. It’s been way too long. Though this will be a short trip, with any luck I’ll be able to visit a couple of sacred sites in addition to gorging on museums. And a bonus–I get to spend a few hours in Iceland each way.

So, if there are any UK folks in or near London between Friday, January 15th and Monday, January 18th, I’d love to get together for a cuppa or a pint.


2 thoughts on “Wheels are in motion

  1. Awesome! I’ve never been to England at all, but my one trip to Scotland was great. Are you going to post pictures?


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