Preparing for the Journey

A week from now I’ll have crossed the Atlantic and my feet will rest upon the lands of my ancestors. Or at least that’s the romantic image my brain has created. More likely than not the reality of it will be me trying to navigate my way to Newbury from Gatwick on various forms of public transit on way too little sleep.

Still, I’m excited. The climax of the trip (as it were) is a visit to the British Museum and the much acclaimed Celts: Art and Identity exhibit on Monday morning. But thanks to the Druid interpersonal network of my Grove Mother, I’ll be taking a side trip to Wayland’s Smithy and the White Horse, with a possible jaunt over to Avebury as well.  Then it’s back to London to meet up with our Head Druid’s brother for a tour of the more esoteric aspects of London. I’m absolutely giddy at the prospect.

The plane tickets are set, the packing list drawn up, financial institutions notified, and arrangements are being made to look after Jinx-kitty (Hufflespawn is staying with dad for an extra day).  I love traveling and haven’t been abroad since 2011.  And as I think on it, this will be my first entirely solo trip–I’ve always traveled with family or friends before, so the freedom to go where I want when I want in a bit intoxicating.

Other London sites I’d love to cram in somehow are

  • Primrose Hill, site of the first modern Druid gathering led by good ol’ Ewythr Iolo.
  • Tower of London, pay my respects to the resident Ravens and Bran.
  • Treadwell’s and/or Atlantis bookstores
  • Twinings. Because, TEA!

Now, so long as we don’t get any of our infamous New England weather in the next week, I’ll be all set!

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