Fuzzy fiddleheads erupt from the floor of a pine grove.

It’s been a while.

Two years, in fact. That definitely qualifies as “a while”.

It would be nice to blame my absence on the pandemic, or the previous administration, or unemployment, or a new relationship, or any of a dozen terrible, wonderful, mundane things that have happened in the past two years.

But the fact is, I just lost the will to write. I felt like I had nothing to say (well, to be honest, I still feel like that, but I’m putting that part of my brain in a chokehold-of-love for now). What does the internet need in the ramblings of another (for now) salary-class white cis-woman?

My answer is that I don’t know. I don’t know where I fit into things. But I know I need to write. Writing is how I process my experiences, how I cement facts into knowledge into wisdom (if I’m lucky). Writing is how I’ve honored my gods and spirits, and how I can sometimes serve my community with ritual and story.

For now, I’m taking comfort in the fact that no one is forced to read what I write. For my own health and sanity, I need to let go of the guilt that I feel for exercising my voice, and release the fear of being strangled by the echo-chambers of the interwebs for being the imperfect creature that I am. If I’m to be one more privileged voice shouting into the void, feel free to ignore me if what I have to say doesn’t suit you. To quote the wonderful and insightful Kristoffer Hughes, “It’s none of my business what anyone else thinks of me.”

Even WordPress has changed since I last scribbled here. The theme I used for my site was no longer supported, and I spent a long couple of hours trying to familiarize myself with all the new bells and whistles. That is to say, the blog’s appearance may be somewhat fluid over the next few months; I appreciate folks’ patience while I take the time to play and discover a new feel for the place.

So, here we are. I can’t make any promises as to what the content here will be like, but there’s a good chance of a mix of esoterica, plant lore, mythic retellings, poems, and druid-y musings. Maybe the occasional rant about something utterly inane, such as the capitalization of deity pronouns. (See? Told you it was inane.)

Take a seat on the edge of the well. I’ll pass you some pennies. Toss in some coins with me. Let’s see what bubbles to the surface.

6 thoughts on “Emergence

  1. Beautiful re-emergence for your blog! Looking forward to reading more. As writers, we are compelled to make sense of things through writing….and explore our world through the filter of wonder and imagination. Hooray for you as you find your voice here again. 😊

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  2. I guess we all follow our own patterns of departure and emergence… I know the struggles you speak of too well and hope your return brings fulfilment and will look forward to reading your words.

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