Home Sweet Home

Yesterday afternoon, in the Hour of Saturn, the Day of Jupiter, with a waning Moon in Leo, I closed on the condo I’ve been trying to buy since August of this year.  The process has dredged up a lot of feelings, which I might get around to posting about one of these days, but for […]

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I’ve been thinking about congruency long and hard since John Beckett posted his article on becoming more integrated between his work and spiritual life. And I realized that many (though not all!) of the pagan authors whom I respect do, in fact, use their “real” names, or at least something approximating them. I chose the name […]

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Pagan Blog Project 2013

A number of friends participated in the Pagan Blog Project last year. I watched from the sidelines, admiring the tenacity of those few who made it all the way to the end of week 52. This year some more friends were going to take on the challenge, and one of them came up with the […]

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