Pagan Blog Project 2013

A number of friends participated in the Pagan Blog Project last year. I watched from the sidelines, admiring the tenacity of those few who made it all the way to the end of week 52. This year some more friends were going to take on the challenge, and one of them came up with the epically brilliant idea of planning out the 52 topics in advance. Suddenly the whole thing seemed do-able!

I toyed around with a couple of themes, but I kept coming back to what John Michael Greer said at last year’s East Coast Gathering, namely that he’d love to see druids of all varieties reclaiming the natural sciences. And I thought, hey, A is for apple, but it could also be for Agrimony or Artemesia, or…

So with a little bit of google-fu and the online Monrovia catalogue, I figured out a mix of common and scientific designations for a whole array of plants important to my practice. I especially wanted to focus this exercise on Druidry and my Ovate studies, so many of the plants and trees either appear in the Tree Ogham, or are significant to my own personal New England Ogham. Not all of these are native species, and some (like Zinfandel grape!) are admittedly a bit of a stretch, but hopefully this will be some nice fodder for both ecological and spiritual explorations.

A complete list of the plants I’ll be exploring can be found here. Good luck to all of the other participants!

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