I’ve been thinking about congruency long and hard since John Beckett posted his article on becoming more integrated between his work and spiritual life. And I realized that many (though not all!) of the pagan authors whom I respect do, in fact, use their “real” names, or at least something approximating them.

I chose the name Alex Volundsdottir (or A.V.) when I was more heavily involved in Heathenry/Northern Tradition Paganism. Since then, I’ve settled comfortably into the Druid paradigm, which I had never really left although my gods and spirits took on a Germanic flavor for quite a while. But my worldview and ritual structure is Druidic, even as my perception of the Powers has become more in line with what Nicanthiel has set down for Waincraft.

For me, writing under my maiden name is the right choice. I understand that this is not the best idea for everyone, that there are risks associated with doing so. I do not judge those who continue to use pen names. But this is a needed change for me, and I feel more whole even as I write this.

Yours under the icy pines,

Catriona McDonald

4 thoughts on “Congruency

  1. Yeah, I’m not about to start using my legal name on my public blog anytime soon (though a number of people who read me know me and know what it is), but I respect those who do and I’m glad you feel more whole using your legal name. Also, yay Scottish heritage. 😉


    1. That’s ok, the glory of the internet is that you don’t have to!

      Speaking of Scottish heritage, have I ever ranted to you about how we ended up with “Mc” instead of “Mac”? Yeah, that’s a fun one over a bottle of scotch. ;p


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