Dark Moon: Fearn

Alder_catkins_WEBFearn is the fourth ogham few, the few of Alder. This is an omen of challenge and defense, which couldn’t have been more true in the past week. I’ve been embroiled in a community conflict, which is never easy, but which is frightening in the extreme for someone like me who wants everyone to be happy. Sometimes, that just isn’t going to happen, and you need to stand up to assert your own belief in what is right. I was forced to make the choice between what was good for my family and what made my community comfortable. I chose the path that would make some of them uncomfortable, and I’ve found support beyond my wildest expectations.

The Morrigan now sits on my altar, in thanks for the strength and sovereignty she has shown me. Brigantia and Wayland have helped me craft my words, to show both my determination and my care. I draw upon the arts of the Bard, of the Seer, and of the Druid that this may be resolved. And with Alder’s strength, I now wait.

2 thoughts on “Dark Moon: Fearn

  1. There’s also the extra meaning of “the presence of the gods” and “unexpected bridge past a difficulty.” I always consider it the most auspicious when I’ve drawn it–more often than not, it ends up indicating that I’m on the right path and the decisions I’m making are being “backed up,” as it were.
    Good courage to you!


    1. Ooo, I like this added meaning. :). Sadly, things did not go the way I would have liked, but my self-respect and integrity are intact, which I value more in the end.


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