Back on the Wain

I have to admit to have largely fallen off the devotional wagon (or wain, if you prefer) after my son’s arrival.  In the past couple of weeks, I’ve finally managed to at least make time for a small libation to the Ancestors, Wights, and Gods each morning.  But, in an effort to return to a more structured devotional schedule, I’m re-implementing a weekly Vanic devotional schedule to get the juices flowing for more specific Gods.

Sunday: Eostre-Idunna/Sif/Habondia/Holda (depending on the season)
Monday: Wéland
Tuesday: Neorð
Wednesday: Ingvi
Thursday: Nerthus
Friday: Fréo
Saturday: Gwynn ap Nudd

With this rotation in mind, I’ll be posting some of the prayers that these morning rituals inspire.  With any luck, there should be a nice tidy collection of them for perusal by the end of the year.  And of course, this list is always subject to change and improvisation as Spirit demands.


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