Well, I’m finally settling back in after a wonderful trip to the first annual East Coast OBOD Gathering.  It was an amazingly peaceful yet strengthening experience. Camp Netimus (which is also where East Coast Thing is held) is a enchanted and enlivened piece of land.  Being there as the birch turned to gold in the setting autumn sun is not something that I will soon forget.

I addition, I particiapted in the group initiation for the Ovate grade.  While my self-initiation was powerful on the inner levels, it was a tremendous experience to declare my intention before a community of my peers, and be welcomed into the grove of the ovates.  Even the landwights lent their support as coyotes came out to serenade the new initiates!

If any druid-minded folks out there have any inclination towards this sort of event, I would highly recommend it.  The people were amazing, the setting perfect.  I can’t wait for next year.


One thought on “Re-entry

  1. This sounds amazing. It’s hearing accounts like these that make me wish I could participate in such gatherings. Your initiation sounds quite powerful. Yay for Coyotes!


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