Nods and Endorsements

Wow, May had been a busy month indeed! I’ve made some wonderful new connections both online and off, and I wanted to share some of the neat things these people are creating. They’ve all affected my spiritual work in beautiful ways and I hope others will also be inspired by their creations.

First, a nod to Jeff Ferrannini of Planetary Spirit, who attended the Mystic River Grove’s Beltaine ritual. We got to chatting afterwards and he was kind enough to invite me to be interviewed for his show. The mp3 is now up and ready for anyone interested in hearing one Druid’s exploration of her path.

Also, as an addendum to the above interview, during a discussion of Waincraft, I did not fully credit Nicanthiel Hrafnhild for his inspired creation of the system (I should have given his website address but it got lost in a batch of nerves). I wish to do so now and point folks over to his awesome personal site, Between Earth and Sky. Nic is one of the best informed and most creative practitioners I’ve known and he’s putting together some amazing stuff.

Speaking of amazing stuff, Richard Derks over at The Serpent’s Wisdom released his Horned God devotional, Hoofprints in the Wildwood. Rick has put together a stunning collection of poetry, prose, ritual, and song. It’s a wonderful read for anyone touched by the Shaman-Father’s call, and I’ve been remiss in not promoting it sooner.

And lastly, a most enthusiastic endorsement for Brian Bowes, the artist who painted the illustration used in my personal cosmology post. He has been most generous in allowing me secondary usage of the piece, and has even gone on to blog about how ordinary folks can really benefit from having quality illustrations to complement their words. If you haven’t been over to his website, please check it out. His work ranges from the whimsical to the downright profound, and I just can’t say enough good stuff about it.  And soon, I am going to be in possession of my very own cosmic snail print!


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