[NYNY] Should to the Mother-lovin’ Wheel

Quern by Tim Green

I’ve been pushin’ this bloody wheel so hard I have Sisyphus standing over in the corner saying, “Damn, girl, and I thought I had problems.”

Upshot: I’ve had three or four individuals come up to me and say, “Wow, you look great! How come you’re so calm and centered?”

Because when you’re in the center of a maelstrom, you a) don’t need a blowdryer to have great hair, and b) really don’t have any other choice.

The progress on the concrete manifestation of making the old house turn a profit has been nil. However, the work I’ve been doing on consolidating my magickal oopmh has been paying off in spades. The past couple of weeks I’ve been focusing on that, and been pleased with the progress:

*The community working group is up and running. We’ve had one meeting so far, and it was great to be able to stretch my energetic muscles in a beyond-101 setting. Even just that little bit of practice focusing on perceiving energy and tone have been immensely beneficial.

*The sink magick is spreading. We been able to have guests over several times now, and there’s been no mad cleaning dash, and no embarrassment. Both hubby and spawn are getting into things, keeping the sink cleaned out and putting away toys (yes, both of them are doing both things!).

*The Strategic Sorcery course is awesome. There are so many inspiring ideas and exercises, I’m like a kid in a freakin’ candy store.

*Daily practice has become daily again! Meditation happens while making tea. Offerings to the house wights happen while cooking. Banishing and cleansing happens before I sit down to work in the mornings. Our hearth is blessed and so are our lives.

*Finally finishing up my Druid Bug-Out Bag (aka Vanabag). I’m on schedule to complete it this weekend. The bag is the physical manifestation of taking back my power: it will hold my tools and touchstones, both from this world and beyond the veil.

So, yes, lots of progress on the magickal/empowerment front. Unfortunately, the rest of my life has been sounding a bit like a bad country music song. But more on that in the upcoming “Asking for Help” post.


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