[NYNY] Asking for Help

Okinawa by slagheap

Oh, jeeze, this one was a doozy.

For a long time, asking for help was something I just didn’t do. I actually identified as someone who didn’t need help. With anything. Which is downright silly.

Thus, I made sure I ran the gamut from mundane to metaphysical on this one:

*Working group—great place for getting a variety of different thoughts on how to deal with metaphysical snags.
*Neighbors—really were wonderful taking time to help me brainstorm different job options.
*Family—wonderful source of support and experience, especially my in-laws, who totally rock.
*Guides—helped in places where I couldn’t see the problem/block clearly.
*House wights—first line of defense against depression. Keeping them happy by doing a few small tasks makes the whole home feel better.

The end result is that I’m finishing my Vanabag today, the house is clean, I have options for employment, and my energetic perception is better than it’s ever been. If all the shoulder-to-the-wheel effort has been the driving force of this experiment, outside help is the judicious application of WD-40 to the sticky spots.

Thank you to all who helped.


2 thoughts on “[NYNY] Asking for Help

  1. I popped over here from the PBP but I was scrolling along and am delighted to find another mint circler! We have had this excellent cookie advice on our fridge for years. My husband even took it to work and asked many of his fellow scientists, the Asian ones, if anyone recognized this a a goofy translation of an idiom. No dice.
    Nevertheless, it remains one of the guiding lights in our search for fulfillment and candy management.
    I am adding your blog to my blog roll, I enjoy it.
    Do not haste.


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