Meet Scooby

Scooby, the kombucha culture

Thanks to my very thoughtful hubby, I am now the proud owner of my very own SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). With any luck, in less than a month’s time Scooby here will produce a gallon of kombucha for our family (and possibly neighbors, depending on how fast we go through the stuff).

The end of February and beginning of March has ended up being a nice fallow period. After the wonderful and heady rush of the New Year, New You experiment, it felt nice to have some empty space in my life.

Now, though, spring planning is in full swing. Seeds and soil amendments have been ordered, and we’ll be planting the cold weather crops out in the raised beds this weekend. (“Cold weather” doesn’t really seem appropriate for the 80+ degree weather forecasted for Saturday, but I’m still stubborn in believing we might get one more good snow yet.) I still haven’t fully decided what to do with the new front yard bed that I started last fall, but I do want to save some of my energy for my own plots this year, in addition to those of the community garden.

In other words, prepare yourselves for the annual onslaught of gardening chatter and cute baby plant and veggie pics!


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