Spring Happenings

Homemade pickling spice mix.

Already spring is moving right along. We started seeds for the community garden last weekend, both indoors and out. Cold weather crops of spinach, kale, and peas were sown in the raised beds, while chard and parsley seeds nestled down into warm peat pellets. And today we finished adding urea and bonemeal to the field garden in preparation for tilling tomorrow (assuming the ground isn’t too wet). The compost will require some more management, but overall, things are looking good.

In addition, I attended yet another lovely ritual by the Mystic River Grove, our local OBOD group. The Boy had a great time, chasing birds and zenning-out with the Awen chants. The rite itself was truly beautiful, as J., our ritualist, really has a knack for weaving poetic language into her ceremonies. There was more than one moment when tears were brought to my eyes, both from her words and the fellowship shared by the circle.

Most of my kitchen-witchy stuff has been on the back burner, but I did get my act together and blend my own pickling spices for a corned beef and cabbage last weekend. Also, my continuing experiment as to whether duck fat does indeed make everything better continued to display tasty results. Braising the cabbage in duck fat took this recipe to a whole new level.

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