Hearth Night


The alignment of the elements draws to a close in the dry heat of Fire. The contrast between fire and cold is at its sharpest in the depths of winter. Our world is suspended between two great fires: those of the Sun, and those in the heart of the Earth itself. And at this time, those two life-giving flames seem so far away as to never return.

Both the earliest sunset and the shortest day of the year have passed; but even though the days are getting longer, the latest sunrise still won’t happen until January 1st, and will persist until the 6th. Even sky-fire, the summer lightning, is rarely seen, and we are left with our man-made fires to see us through, those of the forge and hearth, banked to last through the night and protect against the deadly cold of the season.

Physical fires are not the only ones which are tended and nurtured. Communities are strengthened as people come together for celebrations, sharing food, drink, gossip, and games to see them through the long nights. Family once again becomes a focus. And many experience a surge of creativity as projects are inspired for gifting and charity alike.

Keeping that flame of passion, will, and strength alive carries us through the frigid nights of winter. Sharing our heart’s light with others is what makes our souls blaze brightly. Single flickering flames merge to create a greater Light, one shared by all beings.

Hail, Midday Flame of Summer!

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