Weaver’s Night


Tonight we integrate the experiences of the past four nights, nights of stone, ice, gale, and hearth. The threads of the four elements are woven together and embodied within us: our strength and stability, our intuition and sensitivity, our intellect and vision, and our passion and force of will. These threads create the weft of our lives, changing colors, thicknesses, frequency, but creating a tapestry of balance and beauty in the end.

But there is another ply running through our shuttles. It is called Nwyvre, or life force. It is the Fifth Element, without which the other four would be un able to create life. Some even call it Love. Whatever you choose to call it, it is the difference between animate and inanimate, alive and dead. It is the Innate, flowing around, though, inside and out. And it flows so easily when we find “that something” that gives us purpose in our lives.

Whatever your purpose, whatever your calling, love unceasingly, love with your whole being. Let your heart shine out into the world and know that love will be returned to you ten-fold. Wrap yourself in Nwyfre and be whole and happy.

Hail Nwyvre, Shimmering Web of Life!

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