The Planets: Mars


It was almost scary how easily this design formed. It combines elements from the traditional Martian symbol as well as the glyphs for Aries and Scorpio, which Mars is said to rule. The only thing I would have done differently was to use a finer-tipped gold pen for the outline (which doesn’t show up as metallic in the photograph, sadly).

6 thoughts on “The Planets: Mars

  1. OK I’m amazed that your doing these daily and their turning out so well. I’m truly enjoying this series so far! Your making me inspired to want to do something crafty! Much as Noni resonated with the moon one, as an Aries/Fire person I can also vouch for perfect on this one 😉


    1. Oh, good, thank you! And I’d love to see more of your own crafts when you next do some. (I’ve been browsing the Celtic Golden Dawn and really want to make Table based on your design. 😀 )

      If it helps, I usually work on these in two hour-long chunks, drafting the design during the second occurrence of the proper planetary hour and just painting during the third. It’s all about the bite-sized pieces!


  2. So a certain someone we both know and love who is Fire oriented (though he’s kind of like a cross between Mars and Saturn in personality) looked at this and said “win” and told me to tell you that it reminds him a bit of Cernunnos or Baphomet with the way the glyph looks, and that’s also a good thing.


  3. Of them all (and they’re all very nice), I think I really like this one. When I looked at it it seemed very appropriate for some reason. Also, it reminds me of an/the Huntsman and the Horned/Antlered Ones which seems to have been noticed by another commenter as well. I don’t really work with planetary stuff but I can sort of see how the latter folks fit in with Mars. Blessings.


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