Practicing Together #13

Knitting can be wonderfully calming magick.

Seed thought taken from Leaning into Mystery’s “Practicing Together” weekly series.

I noticed (or rather a friend brought to my attention) a mother turkey who had been hit by a car. I held her as she died. Sadly, I couldn’t catch any of her chicks. While my mind knows that this is the way of things, it still makes my heart ache that I couldn’t help her little ones.

This week, I invite in more compassion. I need some practice with this!

Ways this could happen: Continue to be kind and gentle with myself, and expand that outwards to the people I meet.

What went well: I have actually managed to be more compassionate towards myself. I have wonderful friends to have reminded me of this when I forget.

Updates: I figured out a life path! It’s probably a ten-year game plan until it comes to fruition, but at least now I have a direction. I haven’t had one of those since…2005? It feel weird. Good, but weird.

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