Practicing Together #14

Blackberry season is here!

Seed thought taken from Leaning into Mystery’s “Practicing Together” weekly series.

I noticed that the blackberry stands along the wood line of the conservation land have their first crop ready for picking. There were a huge number of flowers this spring, and that promise has been fulfilled beyond expectations. There should be another batch ready in a week or so. I love it when the berries are so ripe that you just have to shake the cane and the fruit falls into the basket!

This week, I invite in determination. The job search has begun in earnest and I need to keep focused through any and all emotions that may be passing through.

Ways this could happen: Keeping my body healthy, keeping hydrated, exercising, and eating good food (like the aforementioned blackberries!).

What went well: The boys left for vacation with only a minor hitch. I finished up some sewing projects, as well as making good progress on the peacock shawl. The rain has been kind and I haven’t had to water the garden in a few days now.  And we’re getting about 8 eggs a week from the chickens!

Updates: That life plan I mentioned? It feels really far away right now. I’m trying not to put off living, of having the expectation that everything will be ok once I “fill in the blank.” I guess I’m suffering from good ol’ American “I want it now!” syndrome. Patience, grasshopper. Patience. 🙂

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