Ipomoea acuminata (Morning Glory)

Week 19 PBP.

Morning glory lives up to its name. It’s one of the most joyful plants to come across in the dawn light. Nothing brings a smile to my face like the sight of a morning glory opening her trumpets to the sun. It’s how I feel when I perform a sun salutation or the Ovate Pentagram exercise: swirling and inviting to the light shining on me.

I thought this plant might be a bit redundant after Datura, but it was very much a part of my memories of my grandmother. I was helping her walk her (very spoiled) poodle out in rural Pennsylvania when I asked her what that vine with the pretty flowers was. She told me it was a morning glory, and for some reason that name and the way she said it filled me with such inspiration that I wanted to become a morning glory fairy right then and there!

I thought about how wonderful it must be to spread beauty just my growing, and to have the resiliency that these meadow flowers show, coming back year after year no matter how many times they are cut down or plowed under. Even now, when they invade the garden, I can’t really help but smile. How can I not, when it feels like the morning glory is reaching out to embrace the whole world, all at once?


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