Week 20 of the PBP.

Juniper has been something of a love-hate relationship for me. I love the berries, love the flavor that they give to corned beef and other stews, love the smell of its burning branches.

But I hate how ubiquitous is has become in suburban American landscaping. It seems like anywhere a landscaper doesn’t know what to do with, they stick in a low-growing juniper, just to break up the mulch a little bit. Ugh. This can be such a useful plant in so many ways from cooking to magic, but it fades into the very background of our consciousness because it is so common. (I do have to admit to being slightly allergic to juniper leaves, so maintaining or planting them has never been a joyful experience.)

My personal association are of Mercury and Air, particularly because of its fragrant, opening qualities. This is another shrub I would like to make a wand of at some point, though finding a specimen large enough to do that can be tricky. An ogham few for my North American set is much more likely at this point!

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