Strategic Sorcery Homework #1

I finally got my act together an emailed Jason Miller to see if my homework had been received back in 2012–yeah, a little bit of a hiatus! It had, and I’ve got some new invigoration to get these finished up. Today I’ll be posting what has been written up so far, so forgive the spam. ūüôā


I¬†want¬†to¬†sell¬†our¬†old¬†house. ¬†It’s¬†a¬†fixer-upper,¬†and¬†we’ve¬†been¬†having¬†trouble¬†attracting¬†buyers willing to put in the work required, even with a reduced price. ¬†It should be a nice straightforward project for the course.

SPOILER ALERT: We sold the house!

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