Strategic Sorcery Homework #2

Kitchen altar circa 2012

1) The biggest challenge has been getting back into a daily offering practice for my house wights. I lapsed for nearly a year due to a new baby and PPD. It feels so good just to anchor to them each day, and know that they have my back and will give me that extra push as needed. (UPDATE: This has stayed pretty consistent over the past two years, even when I moved into my own place. I have added offerings to Brigid as patron of the Ovate Grade, as well.)

2) Meditation! I’ve actually started doing The Sorcerer’s Secrets (TSS) breath work while nursing my son. It calms him, and centers me, so everybody wins. (UPDATE: Yep, still meditating—though not still nursing, thank gods!)

3) Cleansing/establishing space. Especially since my husband, a chiropractor, sees local patients in out living room two mornings a week, I’ve found giving peace and light to the quarters as well as smudging widdershins help reestablish the room as family space, rather than healing/business space. (UPDATE: Now divorced, but since I rent a room, it’s even more important than ever to make clear psychological breaks between various activities, since many of them happen in the same space.)

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