30 DoA #3: Symbols and Icons

3. Symbols and icons of this deity. I admittedly had to laugh a little at this one because my first reaction was, “Duh, anvil!” However, I think there are some other symbols that I apply to Wayland in my personal practice that others also might find useful.

So, to begin with, here are some traditional/lore based symbols of Wayland:

The artist who designed this originally intended it as en emblem for Tolkein’s dwarves, but I think it suits the Elf Smith nicely.

Hammer and anvil. The smith’s tools. ‘Nuff said.











Bird or maiden?

Swan. Perhaps this could be more correctly associated with Wayland’s wife, Hervor, but I belief the animal extends to him as well, particularly given is winged escape from Nithung’s castle.






Now, here are some associations that I find relevant to my own practice, but which are pretty heavily UPG:

Visica piscis.

Vesica piscis. The intersection of two rings, which has whole layers of meaning unto itself. In relationship to Wayland, it represent the union of two rings, his and Hervor’s, the swan maiden.






This ain’t no Easter Bunny.

Hare. If one subscribes to the experience of Vanic tribes, the Hares are the artisans. There is some PCPG (Peer Corroborated Personal Gnosis) to suggest that Wayland belongs to this tribes.





Snaptun Stone c. 1000 CE, Denmark. 

Embers/coals/sparks. There is a curious artifact from Denmark, the Snaptun forge shield, that has a depiction of Loki with his lips sewn shut. Obviously, a smith is connect to the fires of his forge; there is also some PCPG that there is an unrecorded history between the Master Smith Wayland and Loki the Flickering Flame. Maybe someday one of them will decide to tell it.

Finally as to icons, I finally found a statue that reasonably well matched my experienced of the Divine Smith. And coincidence of coincidences, it arrived today (I had actually ordered it before I even decided to do the 30 DoA)!  I may apply a bronze patina over it as the colors are quite garish in bright light, but his expression,pose, and vibrancy are perfect.
Wayland idolatry.

3 thoughts on “30 DoA #3: Symbols and Icons

  1. I would share that gnosis re: Wayland and the Hares, yas.

    Wrt the vesica piscis, I would say that even more than his bond with Hervor (which I can see), it’s a symbol of perfection – artistry itself – and that is very apt for a smith, especially one who forges rings and other beautiful items. (Sorry, having Maker feels. >.> 🙂 )


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