Meditation Mondays #2

These iris looked completely black when they were still tightly budded.

This week in meditation, it really seemed like my subconscious, procrastination tendencies teamed up with external circumstances to try to make me forget the progress of the previous week. Still, I only missed one day, and managed to do at least five minutes the rest of the time. Today was actually a pretty nice triumph as I slipped in 5 minutes before a late client arrived. I was in a much better frame of mind to deal with her, to say the least!

I tried allowing myself to count meditative knitting as a second session, or times where I’m more focused on my breath than on the stitches. That worked out very nicely indeed.

In other news, meditating with a 4-year-old in the room is hard. However, it does seem to be setting a good example for him, and he’s been much more willing to take a deep breath when he’s upset having watched mom do the same thing.

The highlight of the week was definitely doing the Ovate Pentagram Exercise on the balcony at work overlooking the harbor. Talk about connecting with land, sea, and sky!

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