30 DoA #10: Offerings

14340413884_bb2e67a85c10. Offerings – historical and UPG. Historically, we don’t really know what if anything was offered to Wayland. However, in modern folklore, a coin in payment for his smithing services at Wayland’s Smithy is still considered appropriate.

When it comes to offerings of food and drink, Wayland does seem to be partial to alcohols, provided they are on the bitter end of things. Hoppy beers, dry meads, and peaty scotches are all good. I have never felt moved to offer him meat, but oatcakes or a good coarse bread seems to be well received.

Of course, the ultimate offering for Wayland is one of your craft. Dedicating the work on a project to him has helped strengthen my bonds with the Master Smith, as has sacrificing a length of yarn or a few beads from the leftovers of a successfully completed project. Personally, I find throwing these either into fire or water to be the best way to execute the sacrifice, but burial would probably also be fine.

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