30 DoA #11: Timing


11. Festivals, days, and times sacred to this deity.  This post is going to be pretty much all UPG, since I’ve not come across any historical references to Wayland’s worship.

My own personal feast day for Wayland is August 1st. This time of year marks a creative peak for me, and the date also opposes Brigantia’s feast day of February 1st, which creates a nice symmetry if the eight-fold wheel works with your brain-wiring.

As to days of the week, for some reason Tuesdays seem to be Wayland-inspired (though neither Mars nor Tyr have any association with the Smith that I know of). Dawn and dusk, those quiet space in between where creativity can seep through the cracks, those are the times of dayI feel him most strongly, though high noon can be a close second. I don’t experience a particular lunar connection for Wayland, though it is certainly possible that others do.

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