30 DoA #14: Modern Times


14. Has worship of this deity changed in modern times? Another interesting question. Considering that we don’t really know how Wayland was honored in ancient times, any differences in worship between then and now is really anybody’s guess. That being said, coin is still left at his Smithy to this day, though how ancient this practice might be is unknown.

I don’t really know how others might venerate Wayland today. For my own part, I tend to praise him most while I’m crafting, though there is no set schedule for this, obviously! Then I take the trimmings and scraps from my work, bundle them together and sacrifice them to him in the brook. From mid-July to the end of August his statue sits on my altar and is the focus of my practice. My celebration of First Harvest (August 1st) centers around Wayland; I tend to be fairly informal in my observances, sharing a drink with him at sunset in thanks for the creative fruits of the summer.

Wayland is more…flexible than some gods when it comes to the nuts and bolts of ritual. I have called on him at a Heathen sumble and in Druid groves, and in both instances he answered. Perhaps it’s because he appreciates the variety of forms we humans create, whether they be in metal or in words. He is an innovator, after all. Or perhaps it is because he was known throughout a variety of lands, who most likely honored him in different ways. Perhaps he because used to a plurality of rites, of different flavors of humanity. And perhaps he even came to enjoy the ritual smorgasbord. Whatever the case, for Wayland doing the right thing seems to be more important than doing it the “wrong” way.

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