30 DoA #15: Mundane Practices


15. Any mundane practices that are associated with this deity? Wayland appears to be a god who is happy to change with the times, at least according to my own UPG.

Obviously blacksmiths are quite a bit more rare nowadays. Still, if there is a forge, I’d feel it likely that Wayland is there. He will involve himself in just about any craft that involves heat and metal: soldering, jeweler, stained glass, auto mechanic, machinist…these are all vocations he would happily patronize. I have also felt his hand in woodworking and drafting/sacred geometry.

Where I tend not to invoke him as inspiration is for textile-related crafts. Brigantia answers much more readily for these.

4 thoughts on “30 DoA #15: Mundane Practices

  1. I find that interesting, especially when one translation of Brigantia is ‘Flaming Arrow’, which has smith-like or warlike connotations. Perhaps she does both Smith craft and needle work?


    1. If one looks at the Irish Brighid, who may or may not be a similar/the same entity as Brigantia, she is, in fact, a patron of smithcraft, as well as childbirth and poetry. I would say it’s not a far leap at all to then also associate Brigantia with smithcraft, though I couldn’t cite a reference for you as to whether or not it’s accepted as a scholarly argument. 🙂 I’ve personally never worked with Brigantia in that way, but it doesn’t mean she never will with someone else!


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