30 DoA #26: Ch-ch-changes


26. How has your relationship with this deity changed over time?  I fear this will be another rather dull post. My interactions with Wayland have not changed all that much since I first started honoring him back in 2007/2008. We have a pretty consistent flow to our interactions, me offering bits from my crafts, him offering a poke here and a nudge there when he sees something that will make a piece better. It’s a fairly easy, unfashionably informal relationship.

I did ask Wayland once about the possibility of oathing to him. He gently asked, “Why would you oath to your family?” The way our relationship works, he really is my Elder Kin, and any such promise would not only be inappropriate, but insulting. At the time I was quite crushed, but now I see just how perfectly this arrangement suits us both.

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