30 DoA #27: Worst Misconception

Emphatically not Wayland.

27. Worst misconception about this deity that you have encountered.  I’m not so sure if this is a misconception specific to Wayland, but in general amongst Heathens/Asatru, there seems to be this “flavor” to the gods, that they are all loud-boasting, hard-drinking, frat boys.

Not so much for Wayland, at least in my experience. He’s more of a brooder, and speaks rarely unless it’s for a very specific purpose. To say he’s not a chatterbox is a gross understatement. Wayland is also a huge fan of self-discipline and control, so drunkenness? Yeah, not so much.

Wayland is also not just an artisan: he’s a master strategist. He plotted his revenge for years, patiently waiting for the right moment. He definitely knows how to play the long game, and if restraint is called for, then he has it in spades.

Most gods have their dark places. Sometimes apologists attempt to fill those crevasses with concrete, and polish the surface until the myth resembles a marble statue instead of a living deity. Wayland’s myth, for good or ill has resisted that, allowing those of us who work with him still to explore all his qualities, not just the pretty or popular ones.

5 thoughts on “30 DoA #27: Worst Misconception

  1. Wayland: not a dudebro.

    (I really hate the way the gods get turned into frat boys, yeah. Even Odin and Thor aren’t really like that – Thor is kind and helpful to people and one of his epithets is “the Deep-Minded”, and Odin wandered the worlds seeking wisdom, sacrificed himself, does spooky magic shit… yeah, totes what dudebro frat boys do. I hate the heathen community sometimes. So glad this isn’t really a problem among Vanatruar or Lokeans, though.)


  2. I must admit, I don’t know Wayland’s story, but the only negative thing I have come across was when he was labelled a rapist. Is this a misconception or a misinterpretation of his escape and revenge? I know very well I could just look it up, but I’d rather read it from someone who knows Wayland. No offence intended.


    1. None taken. 🙂

      I *wish* this were a misconception/misinterpretation, and it’s one of the hardest things to deal with for me as a woman honoring this deity. Both the Old Norse and Anglo-Saxon versions are pretty clear that Wayland drugs and/or overpowers Bodvild, and then rapes and impregnates her. Slacker that I am, I haven’t done my own translation of the AS, but it seems to be pretty consistently translated.

      Hopefully I’ll post some more about this when I finish up the 30 Days exercise.


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