Read My Tea Leaves!

2 thoughts on “Read My Tea Leaves!

  1. Mkay so what I see here is: in the very center of the cup I see a figure sitting with their knees raised, seen from the side, and they look like they’re sitting on a swing, on the crescent moon. To the upper right I see a wain in the sky, drawn by some sort of animal, going downward.

    My own interpretation: now is a good time for creativity, as well as magick, and preferably some combination of the two. Now is especially the time to start planning to get somewhere, whether literal or metaphysical, particularly something that you didn’t think was possible before.


  2. Wheras what I see are two waning crescent moons. One very big one in the centre and to its right is a whale descending. The second crescent moon is smaller, about NNE. To the East is a woman with her hair flowing in the wind.
    I know that, traditionally, the different parts of the cup give more into the reading; but I don’t know them.
    Judging from the images I see, I’d say this is all about the feminine qualities and that you are coming to the end of going to the deep of your emotional core. Like the diver breaking away from the whale, you can only go so far until you are left with only yourself. Only then can your trueself be revealed, hence the woman not hiding her face when the wind blows her hair. Something like that. 😉


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