Sun Mirror Meditation

CIChmMjXAAAIKnkI thought it might be interesting to share some of my own personal visualizations from the Sun Mirror meditation that I’ve been doing in the past few months. The uses I found for the mirror have been a curious combination of healing, charging/energizing, and prophecy. I’m not quite sure how that last bit is going to work out long term, but we’ll see. For now, just some thoughts and images that have skated through my mind while using this technique.

Beli Mawr, ignite my passion. This is the Root, the hard bones of the earth, and the flesh of the soil and falling leaves. It needs to be solid but still able to flow, to convey blood and sap to the whole. The Root dwells in darkness, hot red warmth that seethes beneath the surface.  It is the strength of the Land, the cup that holds the healing waters.

Beli Mawr, inflame my heart. The Heart of the Sea, a pearl precious beyond measure. If the Root needs to flow, then the Heart needs to overflow. Fire burns away the chains locked around the heart, leaving one to love fully and freely again. Wayland the Master Smith fills the gaps between the shards of your heart with molten gold. He says “The metal needs to be soft. You have a heart, not a sword.”

Beli Mawr, illuminate my mind. The Mind opens to the Sky. See with clarity, strengthened by the will of the Land. Be crowned by the circle of light, your own true will coming to the forefront. Know that emotions hide behind logic, and pulling the veil of reason aside will reveal someone’s true motives–including your own.

4 thoughts on “Sun Mirror Meditation

  1. This is really interesting. I presume you see Beli Mawr as a solar deity- of passion, flame and illumination? I’ve had experiences with Bel / Belinus who for me appears as the same deity. Do you think Beli Mawr is the same deity? How did you come to connect with him in these meditations?

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    1. Beli Mawr’s origins are definitely murky. Some scholars believe his name translates to “great shining”, while others argue that this is an incorrect linguistic assumption (see Koch 2005 in particular). Personally, I do very much see him as a solar deity, though I’m hesitant to conflate him with Bel/Belenus. I tend to think it’s one of those instances in which God occupies a similar titular niche, but may not precisely be the same God due to differences in culture. (Hence why I usually call myself a squishy polytheist!)

      At the moment I’m not connecting with him much more beyond a general I sensation of heat, light, and power, but I hope as my experiences of him deepen this may change.


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