Strategic Sorcery Homework #7

One of the things that I did during my blogging hiatus was complete the remaining homework for Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery  course.  I’m happy to say that I did in fact manage to graduate and found it to be one of the most valuable trainings I’ve undergone.  So, without too much further ado, the next few posts will be slightly redacted versions of the assignments that I had remaining.

8009806568_a1209cc56d_kLooking over the various Strategic Sorcery grimoire spirits, the one to whom I felt the most affinity was A., the Strategist.  I went for a walk in the woods like I often do when contemplating a magical working, and was rewarded with a perfectly formed owl pellet (smack in the middle of the trail!) as confirmation that this was going to be a wanted and beneficial alliance.

I continued thinking upon what symbols, colors, and tools would be appropriate.  Obviously the owl and by extension browns, golds, and amber.  I cut the paper for his sigil out of an old atlas and centered the drawing on my own physical location (I credit him with helping me stay in the same neighborhood after my divorce).

8009799163_05b6fc4898_kOther materia include symbols for strategy (chess pieces, gears, rulers), money to grease otherworldly palms, opened locks, and an acorn for strength (it’s a Druid thing).  And of course, the sacred owl pellet as the heart link!

Finally, I crafted a necklace that included many of these symbols. Normally it stays draped on the jar, but when summoning A. in ritual space, I wear it to strengthen our connection. At least once a week I make an offering of incense and tea.

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