Strategic Sorcery Homework #8

img_1264This was the lesson on changing one’s own habits.  It was, for me, the absolute hardest assignment to complete because I had thought I was fairly happy with my habits throughout most of the course.  Then, this past winter, I started putting on weight as I never had before (for me this was 10 lbs., but I didn’t want it going any further!).

In truth this shouldn’t have been a surprise. Two years ago I ended up in a sedentary job and the outlet I had used for exercise, Kung Fu, well…my newly ex-husband was a teacher at the school, so that was less than comfortable. I stopped going to class, and didn’t put any effort into exercise aside from the occasional walk or gardening.

However, earlier this year, the ex stopped teaching there–around the same time it became obvious that I needed to start looking out for my health and wellbeing again.

So, I made offerings to Macha and Gwynn ap Nudd, the two deities that I work with who would be most invested in me bettering my physical form. I switched around my offering schedule so that I was focusing on them the day I had Kung fu class.  Any time I found myself coming up with excuses to weasel out of it, I could recenter and focus on them as an inspiration to keep moving forward.  I would wear Gwynn or Macha’s symbol (arrowhead or crow) to remind myself of the oath that I gave to them, to be strong in both mind and body.

I’ve now been going to class once a week since February. I love it. As an extra bit of motivation, my son (age 6) is taking the kids class right before mine. Even if I were tempted to skip my class, I’m already at the school because he needs to be there for his.  I have gotten back down to my “fighting weight” and more importantly, I’ve slimmed down (I can fit in my favorite pants again!) which indicates I’m turning that fat back into muscle.  I can pick up my boy again, and am feeling more energy than I had in months.

So, not much in the way of materia or sigils for this assignment, but a hefty dose of offerings and divine inspiration!

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