Winternights: 12 Days of Yule


While I tend to follow pretty straight-up OBOD practice for Imbolc through Fall Equinox, Yule has become something of a multi-day event, as has Samhain to some degree.  With Samhain, it more about maintaining awareness of the closeness of the Ancestors and the Wild hunt for the time between October 30th and November 5th.  Yule, however, is when I take time every night to realign myself with the OBOD stream and indeed the cosmos as a whole. In the darkness, I take the time to cleanse, meditate, and then enact through ritual my place within the greater Order of things.

First Night: Dec. 20th (honor universal forces of creation; a single point)

Lovers’ Night/Deepest Night*: Dec. 21st (honor first joining; two points recognize each other)

Children’s Night: Dec. 22nd (honor all the diversity of creation; a third point arises from the first two)

Night of Peace: Dec. 23rd (take a moment for deep meditation and contemplation before the rest of Yule begins; without peace, no work can be)

Shining Night: Dec. 24th (honor spirits of all kinds, the spirits of place, of root, rock, and water; and our own ancestors who have chosen to dwell in those luminous halls after they passed from this life; we give thanks to all these beings, and hold our breaths in wonder and anticipation of what morning will bring)

Yule: Dec. 25th (celebrate family and community)

Stone Night: Dec. 26th (Ritual of the Element Earth)

Ice Night: Dec. 27th (Ritual of the Element Water)

Gale Night: Dec. 28th (Ritual of the Element Air)

Hearth Night: Dec. 29th (Ritual of the Element Fire)

Weaver’s Night: Dec. 30th (Elemental Weaving Ritual)

Wyrd Night: Dec. 31th (divination fiesta! Usually get together with friends and instead of the typical New Year’s festivities, we do readings for each other for the upcoming year.)


*Deepest Night is a variable festival that celebrates the moment of solstice, and can be combined with any of the earlier celebrations.

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