Strategic Sorcery Homework #10

Here we are: the final homework!  Thanks to those who have followed along on this journey; links to all the posts in this series can be found on the Past Projects tab.  It’s been one heckuva experience.

9041862355_25a7630f14_z.jpgA friend had asked me to provide some magical help around money and career. What started out as a bit of financial sorcery ended up incorporating aspects of planetary magic, sigil magic, spirit bottles, and meditative focus. Both the client and I were more than satisfied with the results.  This is the working of which I am the most proud during the Strategic Sorcery course.

First, I performed a reading around the client’s job situation. General gist was a lot of waiting and networking, and more waiting.

Then I did a divination as to whether I could help him magically. The first card is how such a working would affect me, the second is how it would affect the client, and the third is what the overall change in the Web would be. I took away from this that I needed to be more intuitive in the charm’s construction, that this might help blow through some of the waiting period on his end/move things forward a bit faster, and that at the end of the day, balance would be achieved, not only for mundane matters, but spiritual ones as well.

Over the next week, I worked on the items for the charm during the hours of Jupiter. I started on Saturday with the personalized sigil design. This is keyed specifically for the client, so I doubt it would work for anyone else. It was constructed using the astrological symbol for Jupiter, and a sigil I created using a witch’s wheel.

9044087976_7c1af17dcb_z.jpgHere’s the full contents of the wallet:

There are nine items:

1) Grök foot (charged Monday for Moon & Jupiter)

2) Piece of lightening-struck oak (gathered on Sunday for Sun & Jupiter)

3) Piece of cinnamon (placed in wallet Tuesday for Mars & Jupiter)

4) Penny (charged Saturday for Saturn & Jupiter)

5) Jade & hematite money meditation beads (strung on Wednesday for Mercury & Jupiter)

6) Pig vertebra (charged Friday for Venus & Jupiter)

7) Money-drawing sigil (inscribed on Thursday for extra Jupiter-y goodness)

8) Job-finding sigil (inscribed on Thursday for extra Jupiter-y goodness)

9) Malachite stone (more Venusian influence, charged Friday)

The personal wealth sigil was also inscribed on Thursday during the hour of Jupiter to maximize the amount of Jupiter energy present. The other two sigils are from the Financial Sorcery book.

The crow foot was a substitute for a gator hand, which is often placed on the outside of a gris-gris to grab and hold money. The claw is placed in the bill fold facing out to seize wealth, but still be protected by the wallet.  Since the client has an affinity for corvids, it seemed doubly appropriate.  The bird itself had died on my property and I was able to process its remains personally (which was an educational experience in and of itself).


I sent to wallet to the client with the instructions to keep it well fed and happy.  Within a month, he had moved and had a new job at a much better pay rate and relatively sane hours. He had already been putting in a lot of legwork when I made this for him, but he said it definitely have him an extra boost.

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