Strategic Sorcery Homework #9

14633060984_f0ea357ab1_nWorking for a client…this homework ended up being a very valuable lessons not only in client relations, but in setting boundaries.  

A client approached me for something to help keep negativity out of her home and her life.  Now, this woman seems to attract disasters like nothing I’ve ever seen, so I figured it would be something of a challenge. I had already made a witch’s bottle for her, and done some other energetic work, but it was becoming increasingly clear that this may have been more a case of mental instability and paranoia than actually malevolence.

So, I tried the approach of making something positive for her instead. I felt like flexing my sacred geometry muscles, so I designed the following combination of sigils and shapes to draw and hold on to good energies/luck.

Since part of magic is psychology, and the resulting paper wasn’t all that impressive, I decided to brush up on my origami skills.  There are a variety of spells which include dead frogs or toads as materia magica. Since I have a soft spot for these little amphibians and tend to think killing them in the name of a spell is bad juju for the health of your garden, I thought the origami version would be preferable. Still effective in my experience, with without taking away a valuable predator from the veggies and herbs.

My client ended up being so pleased with the first one (red) that she asked me to make a second for her back door (green).  And, for good or ill, she hasn’t asked me for any workings since. (I tend to think it’s for good, as most of my divinations surrounding doing work for this woman warned to be very careful lest illusion/dependency begin manifesting.)

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