[NYNY] Clean Sweep

Broom by Barret Anspach

All I can say is “wow.” Deborah’s prescription of FlyLady and Hoarders has already made an impact on our home. Funny how my now-shining sink is spreading its obnoxiously cheer glow to the surrounding counter space. I have a feeling the grime on the stove is going to be the next casualty. And it only took 4 minutes of Hoarders to have my husband chucking a large portion of his warped wood stash in the dumpster. Today he even emailed me about purging the basement—magic is indeed afoot.

The next step will be to physically and energetically cleanse the old house. I’m hoping that this will be accomplish before we leave for the holidays, since the waning moon lends itself to this sort of thing. At the very least, I want to work the sink magic again. Getting the kitchen clean and welcoming will make dealing with the rest of the house that much more manageable.

My offerings during this process have been to the Witcher, namely Frau Holda, housekeeper par excellence. One of her lessons is culling, making her the perfect one to ask for aid in de-cluttering a home (although she’s also likely to push you to dust the bookshelves while you’re at it). In my experience, the actual work of making a dwelling place into a home is her favorite offering, and so I’ve been dedicating my shiny sink to her each morning and evening. Next thing you know, she’ll be asking me to make the bed….

And time, oh, time…why you punish me? My family definitely has a habit of over-committing ourselves. So I’ve decided to cut my “extra-curriculars” back to two things: kung fu and druidry. I still plan on keeping up my crafts, but they will most likely be in service to these two main areas. Needless to say, this is going to allow me to purge a lot of stuff, as well as freeing up my schedule so I can focus on my work, my family, and my community.

Lastly, those Big Motherloving Rocks. Yeah, I’ve got some. I think I’m finally getting tired enough of the weight that I’ll put them down for a while. Particularly since some of those rocks aren’t even mine. Carrying your own is bad enough. Settling your boundaries so others don’t hand you theirs is just plain self-love.


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