Practicing Together #7

Apple Blossom

Seed thought taken from Leaning into Mystery: Practicing Together #12.

I noticed that destructive thought loops are like parasites: separate them from the host and they will die.

In more cheerful observations, I’ve heard both wood peckers and swans in the past week. And I was able to witness a rather impressive swan display as I walked around the brook yesterday. As the female nested, the male took off across the water, slapping the surface with his wings. It sounded like a series of gunshots, intimidating to say the least. Swans can be dangerous creatures if riled and this was a good reminder of that.

This week, I invite in poise and balance, inspired by my woodswalking, and having so much fun wobbling along logs with my son. Poise and balance generally seem like stuffy terms to me, and I want to figure out how to play with them more.

Ways this could happen: literally practicing balance with Crane qigong; more log balancing in the woods. I want to experience this viscerally, not just in my head (although that’s a pretty big place, too!).

What went well: Finished the Planetary Sigils project! ‘Nuff said. 🙂

Updates: Garden is still waiting expectantly. The seeds are sitting on my counter, begging to be put in the ground. My attic is still a mess, waiting for the book cases to be put in. This is making crafting challenging to say the least, not to mention bigger spiritual exercises. So for now, the woods and the kitchen altar will have to do until I get my woo!space back.

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